Hello! My name is Obidi and I’m the founder of @bookclub50. It was an initiative for people to build a personal hard copy library in their houses by participating in meetings and buying books.

We started officially on the 8th of April 2018 with 12 people in attendance; lately we are geared towards SDG4. We are so excited that we’re turning 1 in April!

For our anniversary, we have agreed to visit a rural community and donate a portable shelf of books to selected schools. We have collectively agreed to visit two schools in a rural location. Effective International school is a struggling private school in a rural community in Nassarawa state, the government school in that location is in shambles, nobody attends anymore.

We will be donating a portable library of 100 books to two schools in the selected location. Honestly we do not have anything in our purse to pursue this mission, it’s a passion that should come true and I know it will, by 2023 we hope that a significant number of children would have had a better Orientation and view about a couple of issues that affects the world.

We need you to give out of the little that you have, don’t ever think that your money is too small, with N50 we can buy erasers, pencils and school books for this children.

We hope that you join us as we push this dreams by changing the world our little way.

Kindly donate via this payment page secured by Paystack

You can donate your old books to this movement too, we are visiting two schools, that’s about 200 books! We can’t do this alone, we need your kind support.

Check the poster to see a location nearest to you, call us and we shall come pick it up or call Achem for any location not in the poster.


We know that if you had more, you will do more and I’m so grateful that you are donating the little you have to see that this project work.

The official hashtag is #DonateLibrary.
You can attend the event at the school, informations will reach you consecutively about this.

Have a wonderful day as you help us reduce illiteracy.